Corporate Restructuring

Corporate restructuring entails any fundamental change in a company’s business or financial structure, designed to increase the company’s value. Financial restructuring considers various improvements made to a firm’s capital structure, in line with their cash-flow needs to promote efficiency, support growth, and maximize the value to shareholders, creditors and other stakeholders. Operational restructuring is the

Management Buyout

It is not unusual for minority owners or a management group to participate in a refinancing or recapitalization to facilitate the buyout of existing ownership interests. Eagle Advisory Services maintains an extensive network of potential resources to facilitate this process, including commercial banks, private equity funds, and mezzanine finance groups. A management buyout is a

Business Valuations

We convey the seller information to help the buyer client evaluate the business, taking into account its assets, cash flow, sales and profit trends, industry and competitive environment, and potential for growth. We use unique research techniques, cutting edge research tools, state of the art technology to analyze the data and creating the most accurate

Deal Structuring

Structuring the best deal might seem easy but doing so while maximizing the potential is an art. With experience in everything from cash flow and tax, to marketing and management, our experts can find creative ways to best structure your deal. Control the Process Our professionals remain actively involved throughout the negotiation, due diligence, financial and

Data Driven Advantage

Eagle Advisory Services M&A advisors have access to our proprietary market centric data, which helps guide our recommendations and valuations. This continuous industry feedback enables our advisors to calibrate our methodologies based on actual market conditions and facilitate win win decisions for all parties. Our scope includes firms who are not ready for an exit

Develop Exit Strategies

Eagle Advisory Services Offers the best Exit Strategies for you because you have worked hard, investing time, sweat, and money to build a business. Our scope includes firms who are not ready for an exit but wish to prepare for a transaction, in which case our Strategic Assessment is often the first step. Whether your

Synergy Analysis

Diversification through the acquisition of, or merger with, other companies and businesses is one method employed by today’s large companies. Mergers and acquisitions are also entered into by businesses for the simple reason that they are seeking growth: growth of their market share, and growth of their company, as a whole. It is also one


Recapitalization is a process that allows a business owner to convert some of the equity in the business to cash while continuing to maintain an ownership position. Most of our buyers actively invest in privately held companies. One of the options they generally seek to partner with some or all of the existing management team. These

Strategic Value Enhancements

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive from business owners is “how do I enhance the value of my business?” Value enhancement strategies can range from competitor and client analysis through to marketing strategies and industry comparison, and when performed together can make a significant difference to a company’s value and ultimately its

Corporate Analyzation

Our Advisors complete the Eagle Advisory Services Seller Profile with the seller to gain deeper understanding of the company, prior to an expanded buyer search. Once completed we use our state of the art Research and Analyzation tools to Match your company with our core buyers would be the best synergy and/or exit strategy that