Eagle Advisory Services Growth Enterprise Services delivers the resources and experience of the global leader with the personal touch of a trusted professional advisor, offering a distinctive client experience and delivering audit and assurance, tax, consulting, and risk and financial
advisory services tailored to the needs of growing middle market companies, including private enterprises.

Whether you are buying or selling, we at Eagle Advisory Services  have the experience, relationships, and compassion to guide you through the process. Daniel Mahalic, Founder of Eagle Advisory Services  has been working as a consultant in the insurance industry for over 10 years, and has developed strategic partnerships with thousands of principals of insurance brokerages and agencies on a national level.

The following are what we’ve identified as the most common components of a new partnership:
Post Acquisition Role Definition of partners and key employees Culture of both the buyer and seller Personalities, Values and Experience of the firm’s Core Leadership Brand and Culture sustainability Cross solicitation opportunities Identification of dual entity Markets, Resources, Programs, and Specializations Capital that can be infused to accelerate growth post acquisition Capabilities that will enable you to participate in regional or national growth.

Strategic Planning Through Final Execution Provides Data Driven Solutions

Competing in today’s marketplace requires both smart strategy and well orchestrated strategy implementation/execution. In this regard, unlike many consulting firms, Eagle Advisory Services works with clients from strategy through execution.

Backed by the industry’s most complete proprietary database of benchmarking data, our seasoned consultants who consist of some of the most respected and experienced professionals in the industries we service. Typically we help clients to first develop a solid data driven business strategy and then develop an functional operating plan that includes action plans that implement/execute strategy. If called upon, we then stand ready to assist clients with the actual implementation/execution of strategy.

In all that we do, one of our main focuses on the Insurance and Financial industries has enabled us to develop an in depth of knowledge, experience and substantive relationships that is unmatched by even the largest consulting firms. As a consequence, in providing consulting support we seek to function as a trusted advisor to our clients, not as simply a Advisor.

Strategic Assessments

Eagle Advisory Services assists owners with developing near  and longer term strategies to maximize exit values through utilizing our extensive research and analytical capabilities. A Strategic Assessment enables owners to see their business through the eyes of a potential acquirer by normalizing historical earnings; determining strengths and weaknesses; and analyzing market trends, all of which provide valuable insight and direction resulting in better positioning. The Strategic Assessment includes a current valuation, an analysis of available options and recommendations.

Experience Throughout The Deal Lifestyle

Eagle Advisory Services has deep expertise in identifying and enhancing transaction value. We have extensive experience across the deal lifecycle that gives us a unique perspective on where value exists and how it can be realized.

Develop Criteria

We determine the seller’s needs, financial and personal, as criteria for the direction of our research efforts as experienced Advisors.


We help clients pinpoint a value from corporate assets, with innovative strategies for optimizing business portfolios. We advise on all aspects of execution, seeking success for the original company, for newly independent companies, and for shareholders.