Our Advisors complete the Eagle Advisory Services Seller Profile with the seller to gain deeper understanding of the company, prior to an expanded buyer search. Once completed we use our state of the art Research and Analyzation tools to Match your company with our core buyers would be the best synergy and/or exit strategy that meet your vision, goals and maximize profits.

Financial Review
We review financial statements to understand hidden values and true profit, which buyers need to know before accepting an introduction.

Create Advisors Documents

Our Business Advisors create an executive summary or “Deal Book,” which serves as informational documents for submission to prospective buyers and their advisers, to facilitate introductions. This helps to give a complete picture of the history, operations, personnel, finances, and marketing policies of the firm with the seller’s own indications of future directions and potential. This helps us find the right match for the seller.

Business Valuation

We convey the seller information to help the buyer client evaluate the business, taking into account its assets, cash flow, sales and profit trends, industry and competitive environment, and potential for growth. We use unique research techniques, cutting edge research tools, state of the art technology to analyze the data and creating the most accurate evaluation possible.

Corporate Preparedness/Takeover Defense

Our dedicated corporate preparedness practice draws on all of Eagle Advisory Services resources, advising on preventative and responsive measures to unsolicited activity such as hostile approaches or activist campaigns.